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Capitalize Your Craft. Exclusive Listings for Boat Owners


At RentABoat, we redefine the luxury of choice for discerning boat owners. Our platform is not just about listing; it’s about presenting your vessel in a marketplace that appreciates exclusivity and quality. Apply to join our selective community and easily manage rental terms through our advanced owner management system, showcasing your boat to premium renters worldwide. Sign up is seamless, and the exposure is unparalleled. Elevate your boat’s potential with RentABoat today.


1 Create a listing

Creating your boat listing is quick and easy! Just enter your full name, email, and create a password. Once you save your information, you can edit your profile and add your boat details. Once your listing is approved, your boat will be visible to millions of potential renters on

2 Receive boat rental requests

As a boat owner, you can expect to receive tentative rental requests either via email or text message. It's important to note that at this stage, contact information will be exchanged between you and the potential renter. The renter will receive an email that clearly states this is only a tentative online rental request and they will need to contact you to confirm availability, requirements, and approval. It's always best to communicate directly with the renter to ensure a smooth rental experience for both parties.

3 Collect the money

Owners are asked to collect their rental amount and deposits directly from their rental client. The online fee is strictly a transaction fee and is not a deposit. Boat owners are asked to deduct RentABoat's online transaction fee from the listed rental price. This fee is paid by the rental client. It is the only fee RentABoat will charge.

4 Share the water experience

Meet your renter and provide them with that water boating experience that we all love. If it's a captained charter, connect them with a captain of your choice. Any way you can provide that perfect boating water experience, we are here to help. Then lets get ready for the next rental request.


1 Safe and Easy

We provide a safe and easy platform for boat renters and owners to connect with each other. Our platform enables both renters and owners to rate their experience, helping renters to find the perfect boat and owners to find qualified customers. Additionally, we offer the option for renters to purchase insurance, ensuring a worry-free experience on the water. For more information on renter-side insurance, please reach out to us via email. contact page.

3 Listing options

RentABoat offers multiple different listing options for all types of boater owners. Private boat owners, Charter companies, Boat rental facilities, and Water recreational companies. For more information regarding RentABoat's payment options, please view our boat owners FAQ's here.

2 You're in control

Boat Owners set the price, availability, requirements and decide who rents their boats. You have total control over your boat listing. At anytime you can edit, deactivate or pause your listing. Set up black out dates for those days you use the boat. Our owners management system allows boat owners to input their own clients, fee free.

4 Try our Demo

You can try all of our features by using our "DEMO" portal. Sign in using "Demo" as the username and "Demo" as the password. If you have a website, try our Display Ad listing, we can add a link that directs potential renters to your website. Sign in using "DemoAd" as the username and "DemoAd" as the password.