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About Us

Rentaboat offers a convenient and user-friendly platform for both boat owners and potential renters. Boat owners can easily list their boats and manage rental terms through Rentaboat’s owner management system. This system streamlines the process, making it effortless for boat owners to showcase their vessels and connect with interested renters.

For potential renters, Rentaboat’s website provides a straightforward search functionality, allowing users to easily find boats available for rent in their desired locations. The platform also enables renters to request boat rentals online with just a few clicks, simplifying the rental request process.

One of the standout features of Rentaboat is that listing your boat on the platform is completely free. This provides an excellent opportunity for boat owners to maximize their rental potential without any upfront costs.

Overall, Rentaboat offers a hassle-free experience for both boat owners and renters, making it an ideal platform for those looking to connect and facilitate boat rentals worldwide.

Our Story is a sub-corporation of Hilderbrandt Industries. For over 50 years, the Hilderbrandt family has owned and operated marine-related businesses.’s main operations are handled from their marina, Beaver Dam Boat Basin, in Brookhaven, New York. Beaver Dam Boat Basin is a company that specializes in boat and jet ski rentals, boat services, storage, and slip leasing.

The President and CEO of, Kenny Hilderbrandt, was born and raised in New York, on Long Island. Surrounded by water, he became a passionate boater and thought, “Why not rent boats out of Beaver Dam Boat Basin?” In 2010, Kenny started the boat rental division of his marina using as his domain name for his local website.

RentABoat is now a clearinghouse and marketplace for boat rentals globally. Our platform provides boat owners with comprehensive control over their online presence while also offering the convenience of online rental requests.

Boat owners have the ability to upload photos and provide detailed descriptions of their boats, set rental rates, and manage their rental schedules with flexibility. This level of control allows boat owners to showcase their vessels effectively and reach a vast audience of potential renters worldwide.

By empowering boat owners to make decisions about who rents their boat and when, the RentABoat platform ensures that owners maintain full control over their rental process. Boat owners have the freedom to accept or decline any rental request based on their preferences and availability.

The inclusion of various online reporting tools enhances the user experience for boat owners. These tools enable owners to generate rental reports, boat safety checklists, personalized rental agreements, and renters’ boat rental history reports conveniently through the platform. Such features contribute to efficient record-keeping and documentation, ensuring a streamlined rental process for both owners and renters.

Overall, the RentABoat platform’s emphasis on providing boat owners with control, convenience, and valuable reporting tools highlights its commitment to delivering a comprehensive and user-friendly experience for boat rentals on a global scale.

Meet the Crew!

Capt. Kenny Hilderbrandt

Founder, CEO, & Co/owner of Hilderbrandt Industries & Beaver Dam Boat Basin

Ken Hilderbrandt Sr.

Father of Kenny and friend to all. Sometimes retired.

Chris Phelan

Operations Manager of Beaver Dam Boat Basin

Capt. Mackenzie Burniche

Chief Marketing Officer

Emma LaRosa

Customer Service